Pressurized Closed Loop Package System

Product Description :

System; consists of collector, boiler, system stand and interconnecting parts. Offering superior quality, easy installation and aesthetic design, the system is resistant to calcification and corrosion.

Collector: Selective surface collector models are recommended in package systems. Optionally, all collector models can be used in the package system.

Boiler: The boiler’s inner surface is enamel coated and the outer surface is covered with electrostatic painted steel. It is insulated with 50 mm polyurethane and comes with an anode rod and resistance.

System Stand: Made of hot dip galvanized profile, the stand is adjustable according to the preferred product and can be used either on roofs or flat surfaces in the range of 15 to 75 degree angles.

Interconnecting Components: The package includes check valve, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, collector-boiler cold and hot water inlet and outlet connections.

Usage Capacity: User capacity varies according to the preferred package system. The model S-150 is sufficient for 2-3 users, the model S-200 is good for 4-5 users, and the model S-300 provides enough hot water for 4-7 users. 

Technical Specifications : 

Code   S-150 S-200 S-300
Collector Dimensions mm 1940 x 1200 x 85 (1) 1940 x 940 x 85 (2) 1940 x 1200 x 85 (2)
Boiler Dimensions mm 600 x 1000 600 x 1200 600 x 1800
Net Boiler Capacity lt 150.00 200.00 300.00
Boiler Liquid Capacity lt 9.50 12.00 18.00
Collector Liquid Capacity lt 3.00 4.20 6.00
Max. Working Pressure bar 6 6 6
Test Pressure bar 9 9 9